2014 Chevy Volt

Now, you might contend that the gasmobiles on the higher end of the market are bringing the average price of new cars up, but I would then contend:

  • electric cars don’t pollute your local environment
  • with electric cars, you don’t have to spend countless hours standing at a gas station
  • electric cars have unbeatable acceleration/torque
  • the smooth and quiet drive of electric cars is worth a lot
  • a clean conscience from doing your part to fight global warming and not contribute to oil wars is priceless.

How is all of that not a huge added value that you simply can’t attain with a gasmobile?
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Kiss Your Gas Goodbye! 8 Pretty Darn Good Reasons To Drive An Electric Car

2014 Chevy Volt

2014 Chevy VOLT

#1: Smooth power: Electric cars have some serious torque. From 0–60 MPH, they may not always take the top spot, but one of the wonderful things about electric cars is their awesome pickup, and that’s what makes driving FUN! A car company may say that one of their gasmobiles has 300 horsepower, but that’s actually peak horsepower. That number is the highest amount of power the engine can deliver at a certain number of revolutions per minute (RPM), and that number is usually pretty high on the tachometer. The downside to a gas engine is that it must build RPMs through acceleration until it reaches its maximum power and torque. Not very efficient when you think about it! This also necessitates transmissions with several gears that optimize power output at different engine speeds. In contrast, switching on an electric motor is similar to turning on a light bulb. A bulb turns on immediately when you flick a switch; it doesn’t need time to build up power. Since power is available immediately, we may not need cars with massive horsepower figures anymore. The driving experience will also be smoother, quieter and possibly with less maintenance since an electric motor has so many fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine. The feeling of driving an electric car is great, and it’s even more awesome than if a gasmobile could do it because it’s smooth and quiet at the same time. Smooth power is hard to beat!

clean-air-sphere#2: Clean Air: Some people claim to actually enjoy the smell of gasoline. But even if they do, that shit is tearing up their insides. And diesel exhaust does the same, with a number of studies proving that it causes cancer. Electric cars? They emit nothing. Almost anywhere they charge, electric cars are better for the climate, air quality, and other key facets of the environment. And given that we all rely on a healthy environment to be healthy and live a high quality of life ourselves, this is a huge (often underrated) win for us.

#3: Goodbye to Gas Stations: Stopping at the gas station and pumping gas = fun(!!), right? Of course not. Smelly, dirty, noisy — these are not places you want to spend weeks and weeks of your life. But they are, if you drive gasmobiles a lot. With an electric car or a plug-in hybrid, you can bypass that forever (more or less). In most cases, electric car owners just plug their cars in at home in the evening and then unplug the next day when they leave. The convenience of not having to go to gas stations is hard to quantify, but if you feel comfortable coming up with an hourly value for your free time, and figuring out how much time you spend at gas stations, I encourage you to give the quick math a shot!

#4: Fight Global Warming: If you need an automobile in your household (and most of us do), nothing beats an electric car. Of course, if you are charging up on solar or wind power, your car has no emissions. But even if you charge on the grid, your emissions are much lower than that of a gasmobile. Also, those emissions aren’t in your house, neighborhood, etc. In virtually every area, even parts of the country that still rely on dirty coal plants to provide electric power, electricity is cleaner than burning fuel in your car, and the electric grid will get cleaner over time.  Old gasmobiles just get dirtier with time.

sun03#5: Electric cars can be plugged into the Sun! If you want to make your electric car even a lot greener than the standard, just hook your house up to some solar panels and charge your car at home as much as possible! And renewable energy is growing fast across the country and the world in any case, making charging of electric cars cleaner and cleaner. Gallons and gallons of light (actually, an insane number of sun rays) are waiting for you. Free to use. Clean as can be.

#6: Save Big Bucks! Electric cars top the list of the most efficient cars on the market. They don’t just top the list — they are the list. Electricity is in the lowest demand at night (when most people charge their electric cars), which allows many drivers to get extremely low electricity prices at the times they charge. And(!), if you decide to take advantage of #5 and go solar, you can save thousands or tens of thousands from your free solar fuel. Oh yeah, you’re also helping the country to save massive amounts of money, as you’re helping to keep us out of oil wars, reducing our need to maintain a military presence in a ridiculous number of countries, and reducing oil imports from countries that don’t like us.

Keep-quiet#7: Electric Cars are Super Quiet: Well, I noted it above when talking about the smooth and quiet yet powerful acceleration that electric cars offer, but it’s worth being completely clear here: electric cars are smooth and quiet essentially all the time. If you’re addicted to the rumbling of an inefficient engine, just get over it — enjoy the peaceful, easy, enjoyable zen of a quiet and smooth electric motor.

#8: Essentially Maintenance Free: I know you love it when you have to take your car into the shop. Who doesn’t? Oil changes, broken pumps, old tubes, complicated engine problems, transmission disaster… unfortunately (if you’re masochistic), that’s all gone with electric cars. Electric motors are super simple and don’t need any of that. The only thing you’ll likely need to change are your windshield wipers, tires, and every 8 years or so, your battery (but, at that point, you’re likely to have already moved on to a new car. Even your brakes are likely to last much, much longer thanks to the regenerative braking options that are the norm in electric vehicles.

2014 Chevy Volt

2014 Chevy VOLT