Doubles of various sorts…

A Bridge Invitation by Becky Clough, ALACBU President   (from Southern California Bridge News, Vol. 49, #6, June 2013 – published by ALACBU)   Have you ever thought about bridge as a foreign language? It is a lan­guage that has only 38 terms: one through seven in clubs, diamonds, hearts, spades and no-trump and pass, double and redouble. Like multiple meaning words in Eng­lish, those 38 terms have different meanings depending upon the context in which they are used, i.e. “The old men began to desert the hike as it got hotter in the desert”. Have you ever considered which of these terms has the most varied meanings in the bidding. It is the dou­ble. I’ve come up with 19 different doubles you might encounter in the bidding. You may play some of these and some of them might be completely foreign to you. Read carefully, there will be a test at the end. When I first played bridge, there were only two basic types of doubles: the TAKEOUT DOUBLE which is a request for your partner to bid and the PENALTY DOUBLE, which seeks to maximize the penalty your opponents receive when they overbid and go down in as contract. Other doubles you might encounter are pre­sented here in alphabetical order: The ACTION DOUBLE or the “Do something intelligent … Continue reading

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