There are some of the bridge books that have been the most useful to me:

2 Over 1 Game Force by Audrey Grant and Eric Rodwell.  This book explains a popular variation of Standard American bidding.  Small modifications involving the use of 1 NT response as a forcing bid can make it easier for the partnership to get to the best game contract and explore the possibility of slam.

Bridge for Dummies by Eddie Kantar.  I taught myself  the game using this book.  It covers the fundamentals of bidding and card play and provides a solid foundation on which to build.

“Contract Bridge Bidding Guide for Standard Bidding with 5-Card Majors” (Basic / Intermediate / Advanced) by Michael Furstner

Contract Bridge with Michael Furstner (.pdf)

“Hand and Suit Patterns” by Ken Monzingo (probabilities)

“High Card Points in a Random Bridge Hand”  (probabilities)

To Bid or Not to Bid by Larry Cohen.  This book teaches the correct use of the Law of Total Tricks.