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My 9th g-grandmother Was A Quaker Hanged For Civil Disobedience 355 Years Ago Today
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Wm Dyers 2nd letter dtd 16600527


On this date in 1660 (355 years ago today, 27 May 2015), my 9th g-grandfather, William Dyer, wrote a letter on behalf of his wife, Mary, to the magistrates of Boston…

Honored Sirs,
It is no little grief of mind, and sadness of hart that I
am necessitated to be so bould as to supplicate your Honored
self with the Honorable Assembly of your General Court to extend your
mercy & favor once again to me & my children. Little did I
dream that ever I should have had occasion to petition you in
a matter of this nature, but so it is that through the divine providence
and your benignity my sonn obtained so much pitty & mercy att
your hands as to enjoy the life of his mother. Now my supplication
to your Honors is to begg affectionately, the life of my dear wife,
’tis true I have not seen her above this half yeare & therefore
cannot tell how in the frame of her spiritt she was moved thus
againe to runn so great a Hazard to herself, and perplexity
to me & mine & all her friends and well wishers. So itt is from
Shelter Island about by Pequid Narragansett & to the towne of Providence…

Christie Robinson explains on her blog: “The photo shows a fragment of a complete letter by William Dyer, dated 27 May 1660, written from Portsmouth, Rhode Island.  It was an attempt to free his wife, Mary Barrett Dyer, from prison and her death sentence.  But Mary had intentionally defied her death-penalty Massachusetts banishment order, and sailed from Shelter Island (northeastern end of Long Island) into the Narragansett Bay, perhaps gliding past her own home on the western shore of Rhode Island north of Newport. She kept going by water to Providence, and then, in a reversal of her and William’s first exile from Massachusetts in 1638, she walked to Boston.

“She was arrested, imprisoned, tried, and sentenced to death, which was carried out on 1 June 1660.

“The language, though tender when he refers to Mary, is otherwise courtly and professional (honored sirs, render you Love and Honor), as one would assume from a former clerk, secretary of state, and attorney general.  He was no friend or colleague of Governor Endecott or Deputy Governor Bellingham, but he tried to appeal to their and the jury’s emotions about putting a beloved wife and mother to death, a woman who could be suffering from delusions (William was not a Quaker and didn’t share his wife’s beliefs).”

You can read much more about my 9th g-grandmother, Mary (Barrett) Dyer —> HERE.




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