The “Preston-Foster House” of Ipswich, Massachusetts

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The "Preston-Foster House", 6 Water Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts

The “Preston-Foster House”, 6 Water Street, Ipswich, Massachusetts

I’ve located another historic home to add to my list of “Family Homes” connected to my ancestors. This one is located at 6 Water Street in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and the house currently on the site was built in approximately 1690. In 1658, a man named Roger Preston sold the land on which it sits (and the house that occupied the site at the time) to my paternal 9th g-grandfather, Reginald Foster (1595-1681).

The home is described on the website of the Historical Ipswich Historical Commission as having a typical original first-period floor plan in the original front structure. In the right half are two massive quarter-round chamfered summer beams typical of the late seventeenth century, which would date the house to 1690. The very sharp-pitched roof and purlins add additional evidence of the early date. In the first-floor right side room is fine rich-hued and unpainted horizontal feather-edged paneling, whereas later Federal style features are seen in the central hall and upstairs fireplace. The house currently standing on the site, therefore, was possibly constructed after (and replaced) the home where Reginald Foster dwelt during his lifetime. The Ipswich Historical Commission would welcome more information about the date.

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