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Angel Gabriel: The Search for a Wreck in the waters near Pemaquid, Maine

Anne Hutchinson – “Royal and Noble Lines” of Anne Hutchinson, born 1643.  She is the granddaughter of the more famous Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson.  I am a descendant of Anne Hutchinson (1643-1718) through two of her offspring.

Battle of the Thames (1813), in which my 4th g-grandfather Gen. David Thomson was a participant.

The Dorchester Company and the Massachusetts Bay Colony

First Families of Virginia

Flushing Remonstrance of 27 Dec 1657

French Huguenot History

Fundamental Orders of Connecticut (1639)

Gaspée Affair, the

Hamlin, Clarence Clark (1868-1940), obituary

Hetfield, Ingrid (Hylbom) (1934-2015), obituary

History of the Society of Friends on Cape Cod”, an article by James Warren Gould

Hylbom, Paul (1964-2009), obituaries

Hylbom, Tor Martin (1939-2009), obituary

In Search of First Settlers” an article about the founders of Stonington, Connecticut by Geraldine A. Coon.  Of the four founders of the town of Stonington, Connecticut, I am descended from three of them: Thomas MinorWalter Palmer and Thomas Stanton.  The fourth founder was William Chesebrough.

King Philip’s War, 1675-1676

Lizzie Borden (1860-1927) of Fall River, Massachusetts

Magna Carta Sureties

Mayflower voyage of 1620

Portsmouth Compact (signed 7 Mar 1638) was the first document in history that severed both political and religious ties of the North American colonies with England.

Royal Ancestors

Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution – Ancestors who served in the Revolutionary Army, mostly identified through SAR/DAR applications

Swedish Naming Customs

Watkins, Joseph Ray (“J.R.”), 1840-1911: biography

Witchcraft in New England (the history of)



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