photo credit: Christian Frank (2015)

photo credit: Christian Frank (2015)

Slowly, this website is taking shape with material that began as a “simple” project that I referred to in the beginning as merely A COLLECTION OF FAMILY HISTORY NOTES.  It has evolved into an accumulation of thousands of documents, records, photos, articles, books and other material gathered mostly from secondary sources available in libraries or digital archives (many of which are stored on my web server and available for downloading, copyright considerations permitting).  In addition to the source material, I have written hundreds of pages of narrative to tie these materials together in a semblance of an ordered state.

The Hylbom Family Ancestry Project does NOT purport to be a work of original research.  I am an amateur geneaologist and historian, and what I have learned has been winnowed imperfectly and is only as good as the secondary sources I have consulted.  The links below will connect you to library items stored on my web server.  Some of these files are rather large and may take a while to download.  I have also included bibiographical citations (without links) to certain important references that are still under copyright protection.  I have posted an article entitled “Copyright Fundamentals for Genealogy” which explains how various aspects of copyright law may apply to a genealogical blog, such as the one you are reading.  If any reader has a concern regarding the use of material on this website in relation to these issues, please contact me directly using my Contact Form.


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    I was trying to find a large image of page 569 of a publication by Mr. Walter Goodwin Davis and found it here at number 64. Thank you.

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    William Webster Gunnell wasn’t in Fairfax County, Virginia; rather, he went west.
    Gunnell’s Church met at the home of progenitor William Gunnell (d 1760) at the edge of now Falls Church.

    Bookhouse in Arlington, Virginia has 1500 genealogy books available for use by visitors.

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