Fairchild #3736

Thomas Fairchild (1610-1670)

Born in England.  Arrived in Connecticut in about 1639 and

Emma Faith Seabrook (1623-1658)

Born in England. Arrived in Connecticut in about 1639.

Fairchild #3736


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Research Notes:

English Origins: lots of good material at: Fairchild, W. Bruce.  Thomas Fairchild: Puritan Merchant & Magistrate: The Life & Times of an American Colonizer & Patriarch c. 1610-1670 (Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, Inc.) 2007, pp. 17-42 (chapter “Mystery of Thomas’s English Roots).

Fairchild burials at the Presbyterian Church in Morristown, New Jersey



Mary Fairchild, who was the first wife of Benjamin Hathaway was the child of Zachariah and Deborah Fairchild.  Zachariah Fairchild was the First Leading Elder of The Presbyterian Church In Morristown after it split off from the Hanover Presbyterian Church in 1737.  Cam Cavenaugh, Op. Cit., at Page 89, talks about the Vails of Speedwell and states, “The Whippany River narrowed and deepened in its flow from Speedwell Lake into Pocohontas Lake, creating a natural source of water power that had been harnessed there since colonial days. Zachariah Fairchild operated a sawmill there in 1767 and John Johnson, Jr., had a forge “adjoining Zachariah Fairchild’s pond” which appears on Revolutionary War maps.”  I haven’t come across the maps or maps she refers to, but it may be part of the Erskine series which hasn’t had the circulation that the more famous one referred to above which depicts the center of Morristown. There is every reason to believe that much of the land that makes up what is now known as the Fairchild Section of Morris Township was part of the original Fairchild spread.







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