Hubbard #3602

George Hubbard (1600-1683)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts about 1633 and later settled in Connecticut and

Mary Bishop (1607-1675)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts about 1633 and later settled in Connecticut.

Hubbard #3602


English Origins:

George Hubbard was born about 1600 in Glastonbury, Somerset, England (according to some sources).  In fact, no records have been found to date, which would confirm his place of birth, the identities of his parents or the date of his arrival in New England.  Therefore, like many of our ancestors, his English origins remain obscure.  Branches of the Hubbard family in America were founded by a number of different immigrants bearing this name.  At least two of these were named “George Hubbard” and came to this country at not widely separated dates and settled in different parts of Massachusetts and Connecticut.  The facts of these two men and their families are sometimes confused in the literature, or merged into a single individual.  From one of these, George Hubbard, of Watertown, Massachusetts and several places in Connecticut, the line with which we are concerned is descended[2].

We do know that George married Mary Bishop somewhere in England, probably in the early 1620s, judging from the birth dates of their children.  Mary, a daughter of John Bishop and Ann Stevens, was born in England about 1600 died at Guilford, Connecticut in 1675.  Some suspect that the families of George Hubbard and John Bishop (Mary‘s parents) came to America about the same time, if not on the same ship – perhaps about 1633 or a few years earlier.  Upon reaching the New England Colonies he settled for a time at Watertown, Massachusetts.  Later, his family was among a group of about 60 people[3] that moved to Wethersfield, Connecticut on 15 Oct 1635.

George was chosen in 1636 by the Connecticut General Court to consider the bounds and survey the towns of Windsor and Wethersfield. 
 He was made a freeman prior to 1639 when he was chosen to represent Wethersfield at the first colonial General Court.     He was fined one shilling for being late to a 7am session of the General Court on 5 Apr 1639.

George Hubbard did not stay long in Wethersfield.  In 1639 he migrated with others to the shore of Long Island Sound and settled in Milford, Connecticut, where he was assigned Milford Island (now Charles Island) as his grant.  His name appears among the forty-four original Milford settlers on Page 1, Book 1 of Milford Records dated 20 Nov 1639.  Before 1650 he had sold Milford Island and moved to Guilford, Connecticut, where his wife’s parents lived and where on 22 Sept 1648 he had bought the property of Joseph Sheaffe.  George Hubbard was admitted to church membership in Guilford on 6 Oct 1650.  He lived in Guilford the rest of his life in a house on what is now the south side of Fair Street on or near the corner of Broad Street.  He was a prominent citizen; in time he was a deputy magistrate[4], and in 1666-67 he was a Member of the Assembly at Hartford.  In May 1670, the Court invested him with authority to joyne persons in marriage.

George’s wife Mary Bishop died at Guilford on 14 Sep 1675.  George lived the remainder of his life at Guilford and died there in January 1683.  His will was dated 23 May 1682, with a codicil dated 30  Dec  1682, and the inventory of his estate, taken 30 May 1683, reported a value of £564.

George Hubbard and Mary Bishop were the parents of:

(1) Mary, born in England about 1625 and died 13 Apr 1713.  In 1647 she married John Fowler (son of William and Sarah Fowler of Milford and New Haven).  Mary Hubbard was born about 1627 in England, and died 13 Apr 1713 in Guilford (New Haven) Connecticut.  Mary came to America about 1633 with her parents, at age 6.  John came to America in 1637 with his parents, around 12 years old.  Together, they had six children: Abigail (married Pelatiah Leete), Mary (1650-1670; married Samuel Hopson), Abraham (1652-1719; married Elizabeth Bartlett), John (1654-1735; married Ann Johnson); Mehitabel (1656-1751); Elizabeth (1658-1676);

(2) John, born about 1630 in England and died August 1702; married Mary Merriam, born in 1632 and died 1722 in Connecticut. Her name is uncertain. Some sources have Mary Merriam, some Mary Merriman, some  Mary Sheafe, and some Mary Sheafe Merriam. Sheafe could be her maiden name and she was married to [unknown] Merriam before her marriage to John.  
John and Mary had nine children: Mary Hubbard (born 1650 and died young), John (1655-1748; married Mary Wright), Hannah (1656-1662), Jonathan (1659-1728; married Hannah Rice), Daniel (1661-1744; married Esther Rice), Mercy (born 1664; married Jonathan Boardman), Isaac (1667-1750; married Anna Warner), Mary (1669-1754; married Daniel Warner), Sarah (1672-1752; married Samuel Cowles);

(3) George, born in 1632 in England, and died in 1684 in Connecticut;

(4) Sarah, born about 1635 and married Daniel Harrison.  She died in 1675 in Newark, New Jersey.  In 1654, she married Richard Harrison;

(5) Hannah, born 1637 and died in 1717.  In 1662, she married Jacob Melyen (spelled in George Hubbard’s will Molynoe), son of Cornelius Melyen (1600 Belg-1674) and Jannetje Andriens van Myert (~1600 Neth).  Jacob was born 17 Apr 1640 in Amsterdam (Noord-Holland) Netherlands, and died in 1706, probably in Massachusetts.  He was a leather merchant.
 Hannah and Jacob had two children that we know of, and there may be others: Samuel (born about 1664) and Abigail (about 1666-1720; married William Tilley).  William was born about 1665, and died in 1716.

(6) Elizabeth, born 1638 and died Jul 1710.  She was married very late in life to Deacon John Norton, a widower.  He had first married Hannah Stone;

(7) Abigail Hubbard, born 1640 and died Nov 1689. On 14 Oct 1657 she married Humphrey Spinning of New Jersey; I am descended from two of the sons of Humphrey Spinning and Abigail Hubbard: Ebeneezer Spinning (line of descent indicated above) and Edward Spinning. Their lineage is discussed under the heading of Humphrey Spinning and Abigail Hubbard.

(8) William, born 1642 and died about 1702.  He married (1st) Catherine [family surname unknown].  Catherine was born about 1642 and died about 1665.  We don’t know of any children from this marriage. 
 On 24 May 1667, William married (2nd) Abigail Dudley, daughter of William Dudley (about 1615-1684) and Jane Lutman (1615-1674).  Abigail was born in 1641 in Guilford (New Haven) Connecticut.
  William and Abigail had three children: Sarah (born 1668), Mary (about 1670-1754; married (1st) Jacob Patchen and (2nd), about 1750, Samuel Grumman and William (1670-1723; married Hannah Mead.

(9) Daniel, born 1644 and married Elizabeth Jordan;

(10) Joseph, born in 1647.

The lineage of Abigail Hubbard and Humphrey Spinning (1636-1689) is continued under the heading of Humphrey Spinning (1636-1689).

[1] I am descended from two of the sons of Humphrey Spinning and Abigail Hubbard: Ebeneezer (line of descent indicated above) and Edward Spinning, born in 1712 in Elizabethtown, New Jersey and died in 1771. He married Phoebe Dilsworth.  Their lineage is discussed under the heading of Humphrey Spinning and Abigail Hubbard.

[2] This man should not be confused with George Hubbard (possibly a relative, although no proof exists), born about 1601 and said to have been at Hartford, Connecticut as early as 1639.  Their dates of birth and death closely match, and some of their children even have the same names.  George of Hartford married Elizabeth Watts, the daughter of Richard Watts and removed to Middletown, Connecticut about 1651 after selling his house and lands in and around Hartford.  He was a freeman at Middletown in 1654, where he died on 18 Mar 1684.  In his will, he mentions his wife, Elizabeth and children: Mary, Joseph, Daniel, Samuel, Nathaniel, Richard and Elizabeth.  This man may be the son of Edmund Hubbard (Hobart), who arrived at Boston in about 1633 (possibly with his wife, Margaret Dewey, or she may have died in England) and settled first at Charlestown, Massachusetts and later removed to Hingham, Massachusetts.  However, this is by no means certain.

[3] Among these settlers were my George Hubbard, his family, his father-in-law, John Bishop, and his family; also another George Hubbard, a Thomas Hubbard, and a William Hubbard – relationships unknown, if any existed.

[4] During years 1652, 55, 57, 58, 60, 62, 65 and 66


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