Seabrook #7474

English St George flag animationRobert Seabrook (1563-1650)

Born in England.  Arrived in _______ in _______ and

English St George flag animationAlice Goodspeede (1576-1638)

Born in England.

Seabrooke #7474

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Research Notes:

I am descended from two daughters of Robert & Alice: Mary (born 1601?) and Emma (or Faith?) (born before 1620?).  Lots of family connections among the families of Seabrooke, Preston, Fairchild, Nichols, Wheeler…

Jacobus, Donald Linus. History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, volume I, 1930 (reprinted Baltimore, Maryland: Genalogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1976).

Jacobus writes of Robert Seabrook, p. 573: “An elderly man, one of the early settlers in Stratford, he did not long survive.  His will is not found, and our only knowledge of it comes from mention made of it in Stratford Deeds, where land was entered to the following persons which they had by gift from their grandfather Robert Seabrook: – Samuel Fairchild, Thomas Fairchild, Jehiel Preston, John Wheeler’s wife, Samuel Stile’s wife, and perhaps others not noted.  From this we can deduce that he had dau[ghter]s who m[arried] Thomas Fairchild, William Preston, and Thomas Sherwood; the wives of Wheeler and Stiles were day[ghter]s of Sherwood.

Both Fairchilds mentioned, Sameul (born 1640) and Thomas (Jr.) (born 1646), were sons of Thomas Fairchild and his wife, the daughter of Robert Seabrook.  Jehiel Preston had married Sarah Fairchild, another daughter of Thomas (Sr.) and his wife.

In a footnote Jacobus says of Jehiel, “there is a possibility that the land was in right of his wife… The evidence is insufficient for certainty.”  However, Gilmore points out, in fact it is unlikely, because Jehiel was himself a grandson of Robert Seabrook, as he was at the son of William and Mary (Seabrook) Preston, and Mary was Robert’s daughter [Gilmore, Jean Fairchild. More Fairchilds in America (Baltimore, Maryland: Gateway Press, Inc.) 2001, p. 1].

Bruce Fairchild says, “Remarkably the Fairchild/Preston relationships were even greater – not only did Jehiel Preston marry Sarah Fairchild, but Thomas Fairchild (Jr.) married Sarah Preston, and his sister Emma married Hackaliah Preston (if their common grandfather Robert Seabrook married twice, they had different grandmothers).  These multiple relationships are not too surprising, given the limited number of eligible mates in the sparsely-populated settlement. [Fairchild, W. Bruce.  Thomas Fairchild: Puritan Merchant & Magistrate: The Life & Times of an American Colonizer & Patriarch c. 1610-1670 (Lincoln, Nebraska: iUniverse, Inc.) 2007, pp. 25-6].



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