Wilbore #7460

English St George flag animationSamuel Wilbore ( -1656)

Born in England. Arrived at _______ in ____ and

English St George flag animationAnne Smith (1592-1639)

Born in England. Arrived at _______ in ____.

Wilbore #7460

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Samuel Wibore and Walter Deane (whose daughter, Mary Deane married his son, Shadrach Wilbore) were investors in the Taunton Iron Works (also known as Leonard Iron Works). This was the first iron works established in Plymouth Colony, and only the third in New England. The operation was located on the banks of the Forge River in what is now Raynham, Massachusetts.   Much more successful than earlier works at Saugus, and Braintree, it operated for a remarkable period of two hundred and twenty years, from 1656 to 1876. On 21 Oct 1652, after the discovery of large amounts of bog ore in the area, residents of Taunton voted to establish an iron works in their town, and the town invited brothers Henry and James Leonard and Ralph Russell, experienced iron men who had worked at the works in Braintree to come to Taunton to set up a works on the Two Mile River. The Leonard brothers had emigrated from Pontypool, Wales to work at the iron works in Lynn (Saugus), and later at Braintree. The Town of Taunton offered the ironmasters land in exchange for help establishing the works. A joint-stock company was established by the town, and shares were sold to many members of the community, as well as a few individuals in other surrounding places. James Leonard, owned 50% share of the works, and operation of the works began in 1656.



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