Hoover Herbert Clark

Herbert Clark Hoover (1874-1964), 7th cousin 4x removed

Herbert Hoover, 31st President of the United States (photo taken about 1928)

Herbert Clark Hoover was the 31st President of the United States (1929–1933).  He was originally a professional mining engineer and author.  As the United States Secretary of Commerce in the 1920s under Presidents Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge, he promoted partnerships between government and business under the rubric “economic modernization”.  In the presidential election of 1928, Hoover easily won the Republican nomination, despite having no previous elected office experience.  Hoover is the most recent cabinet secretary to be elected President of the United States, as well as one of only two Presidents (along with William Howard Taft) to have been elected without previous electoral experience or high military rank.  America was prosperous and optimistic at the time, leading to a landslide victory for Hoover over Democrat Al Smith.  After the Wall Street Crash of 1929 less than eight months after he took office, Hoover tried to combat the ensuing Great Depression with volunteer efforts, public works projects such as the Hoover Dam, tariffs such as the Smoot-Hawley Tariff, an increase in the top tax bracket from 25% to 63%, and increases in corporate taxes.  These initiatives did not produce economic recovery during his term, but served as the groundwork for various policies laid out in Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.  After 1933 he became a leading conservative spokesman in opposition to the domestic and foreign policies of the New Deal.  In 1947 President Harry S. Truman brought him back to help make the federal bureaucracy more efficient through the Hoover Commission.  The consensus among historians is that Hoover’s defeat in the 1932 election was caused primarily by failure to end the downward economic spiral.  As a result of these factors, Hoover is ranked poorly among US Presidents. On 7 Sep 2012, Jimmy Carter surpassed Hoover as the President with the longest retirement from the office.

(President, 31st) Herbert Clark Hoover (1874 – 1964), 7th cousin 4x removed – Hulda Randall Minthorn (1848 – 1884) – Theodore Minthorn (1817 – 1866) – John Minthorn (1768 – 1859) – William Minthorn (1744 – 1830) – Mary Gilbert (1712 – 1791) – Joseph Gilbert (1666 – 1751) – Amy Lord (1626 – 1688) – Thomas Lord (1585 – 1667) – Anna Lord (1614 – 1688) – Hannah Stanton (1644 – 1727) – Joseph Palmer (1663 – 1710) – Hannah Palmer (1694 – 1739) – Amos York (1730 – 1778) – Manasseh Minor York (1769 – 1830) – Lucretia York (1814 – 1887) – Henry Fayette Hamlin (1834 – 1901) – Clarence Clark Hamlin (1868 – 1940) – Elizabeth Gunnell Hamlin (1901 – 1982) – Tor Martin Hylbom (1939 – 2009) – Tor Martin (Majerus) Hylbom

On my father’s side, I am also related through Edward Winn (c1600-1682) and Joanna (c1605-1649), 8th cousin 3x removed, and Henry Brooks (1592-1683) and his unknown wife who died before 1651, 9th cousin 2x removed.

Hoover Dam, once known as Boulder Dam, is a concrete arch-gravity dam in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada in the USA. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on 30 Sep 1935, by President Franklin Roosevelt. Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives. The dam was controversially named after President Herbert Hoover.



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