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Benjamin Waller (1716-1786), 6th g-grand uncle

Benjamin Waller (1716-1786)

Waller was descended from a Virginia family established in the state since the 17th century.  He was born in King William County, Virginia, the son of Col. John and Dorothy (King) Waller, and was trained as a lawyer utilizing the legal library of Sir John Randolph.  Benjamin Waller was a clerk of the general court for a number of years and, in 1777, he was named presiding judge of the court of admiralty in Williamsburg, Virginia.  Subsequently he served as a judge on the first Court of Appeals where he remained until 1785 when the court moved to Richmond, Virginia.  He was an eminent lawyer of Colonial times and held many important offices under the crown. His name is on the list of the Committee of Safety for the city of Williamsburg Dec 1774 (Forces Archives.)  He was Judge of the Court of Admiralty and in a list of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Virginia 1778 (WMQ July 1898). Also: King’s attorney of Gloucester (1738); Clerk of James City county (1739; 1742); clerk of “The Court of Oyer and Terminer” (1739); Clerk of the “Committees of Propositions and Grievances, and Privileges, and Elections” (1743); all under George II of Great Britain. He served on the Supreme Court of Virginia 1779-1785.  As clerk of courts, it fell to Benjamin Waller to read the United States Declaration of Independence from the Williamsburg courthouse steps on 25 Jul 1776.  Waller also served as mentor and teacher of law to George Wythe.  His grandson, Littleton Waller Tazewell, was a U.S. Representative, U.S. Senator from and governor of Virginia.  Waller Street in Williamsburg is named for Benjamin Waller and his family.

Waller Street, Williamsburg, Virginia (photo credit: Amy Shook, June 2014)

Waller Street, Williamsburg, Virginia (photo credit: Amy Shook, June 2014)

Benjamin Waller (1716 – 1786), 6th g-grand uncle – John Waller (1673 – 1754) – Thomas Carr Waller (1732 – 1787) – Dabney Waller (1772 – 1849) – Elizabeth Dabney Waller (1808 – 1881) – Jacintha Ann Pollard (1833 – ) – Elizabeth Minor Hancock (1850 – 1928) – Seddie Gunnell (1875 – 1946) – Elizabeth Gunnell Hamlin (1901 – 1982) – Tor Martin Hylbom (1939 – 2009) – Tor Martin (Majerus) Hylbom



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