White Edward Douglass

Edward Douglass White (1844-1921), 6th cousin 5x removed

Edward Douglass White (1844-1921), Senator from Louisiana, Associate Justice and later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

Edward Douglass White, Jr., American politician and jurist, was a United States Senator from Louisiana, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court and the ninth Chief Justice of the United States.  White was generally seen as one of the more conservative members of the court.  He was the originator of the “Rule of Reason” standard of antitrust law.  However, White also wrote the decision upholding the constitutionality of the Adamson Act, which mandated a maximum eight-hour work day for railroad employees, in 1916.  He sided with the Supreme Court majority in the 1896 decision of Plessy v. Ferguson (1896), which upheld the legality of segregation in the United States, though he did write for a unanimous court in Guinn v. United States (1915), which invalidated the Oklahoma and Maryland grandfather clauses (and, by extension, those in other Southern states) as “repugnant to the Fifteenth Amendment and therefore null and void.”  However, in practice the Southern states found other methods to disfranchise blacks which withstood Court scrutiny.  In 1918, the Selective Draft Law Cases upheld the Selective Service Act of 1917, and more generally, upheld conscription in the United States, which Supreme Court Justice (and later President) William Howard Taft said was “one of his great opinions.”  As Chief Justice, White swore in Presidents Woodrow Wilson (twice) and Warren G. Harding.  When he left the High Court, he was succeeded by William Howard Taft, making White the only Chief Justice to be followed by the President who appointed him.


Edward Douglass White (1844 – 1921) – 6th cousin 5x removed – Catherine Sidney Lee Ringgold (1817 – 1885) – Mary Aylett Lee (1786 – 1826) – Thomas Ludwell Lee (1752 – 1807) – Thomas Ludwell Lee (1730 – 1778) – Thomas Lee (1690 – 1750) – Richard Henry Lee (1647 – 1715) – Richard Lee I (1617 – 1664) – Anne Lee (1654 – 1701) – Penelope Ann Youell (1670 – 1703) – Patrick Spence (1693 – 1740) – Jemima Spence (1730 – 1786) – John Suggett (1751 – 1834) – Elizabeth “Betsey” Suggett (1782 – 1857) – Marion Wallace Thomson (1821 – 1896) – Allen Thomson Gunnell (1848 – 1907) – Seddie Gunnell (1875 – 1946) – Elizabeth Gunnell Hamlin (1901 – 1982) – Tor Martin Hylbom (1939 – 2009) – Tor Martin (Majerus) Hylbom


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