Paternal Lines



Under construction.  Content and links will be added later.  Numbers associated with each ancestral link refer to positions in the Hylbom #1 Ahnentafel Chart (children of Martin Hylbom and Penelope Walholm).  Note: Throughout the narrative, direct ancestors are generally identified in bold type.  Italics are used when quoting primary source documents.

Paternal Lines A to Bl

Paternal Lines Bo to Ca

Paternal Cl to Du 

Paternal Dy to Gi

Paternal Go to Ha 

Paternal Hi to Hy

Paternal I to Le

Paternal Lo to Ne 

Paternal Ni to Po

Paternal Pr to Se 

Paternal Sh to Ti 

Paternal To to Vi

Paternal W to Wh

Paternal Wi to Z



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