Bell #2626

Thomas Bell (1610-1655)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts by 1637 and

Ann (1620-1667)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts by 1637.

Bell 2626Not much is known of Thomas Bell or his wife Anne [surname unknown].  Details of his English origins or the circumstances of his arrival (together or separately) in New England are unknown to us.  Several of the “Bell” name appear to have migrated to the colonies during the period under consideration.  The only sources I could find which mention Thomas Bell of Boston indicate that he was born in England in 1610 and that he resided at Boston as early as 1637.  Thomas joined the Massachusetts Artillery Company in 1643.  The only mention I can find of him in the public records[1] is the following entry from 1649:

Thomas Bell, the executioner, is to be allowed out of the next leuy the some of fovrteene shillinges, expended by him for ropes & ladders for the better executing of his office; & the Sd Bell is hereby exempted from trayninges, watchings, & wardinges.

Thomas Bell died 7 Jun 1655.

According to Clemens[2], the children of Thomas Bell and Anne are listed as follows:

  1. John, born 24 Aug 1638.
  2. John, born 4 Mar 1640
  3. Tarbitha, born 24 Mar 1641
  4. Thomas, born 3 Aug 1642
  5. Hopestill, born Jul 1644,
  6. Moremercy, born 14 Jan 1647
  7. Deborah Bell, born 29 Nov 1650
  8. Joseph, born 9 Oct 1653.

According to Clemens, the last two children may have been by a second wife Deborah.

On 19 Jan 1669 in Stonington, Connecticut, Deborah Bell married James York, who was born 14 Jun 1648 and died 26 Oct 1676.  After James’ death, she married (2nd) Henry Elliot on 12 Mar 1679, and she had other children with him.  The lineage of Deborah Bell and James York is continued under the heading of James York (1614-1683).

[1] Massachusetts Records: The Records of the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England. Vol. III (1644-1657) printed by order of the legislature 1854, p. 304.

[2] William M. Clemens. The Bell Family in America: Being an Account of the Founders and First Colonial Families, an Official List of the Heads of Families of the name resident in the United States in 1790 and a Bibliography (published by the author, 1913) p. 10.


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