Doodes #6112

Meindert Doodes (1617-1677)

Born in Netherlands.  Arrived in Virginia about 1650 and

Mary Geret (1612-1687)

Born in Netherlands. Arrived in Virginia about 1650.

Doodes 6112

Meindert Doodes was a Dutchman who came to Virginia with his wife, Mary Garet (1612-1686), about 1650[1].  Both were from Holland.  He was born about 1617 in the Netherlands and died in Virginia in 1677.  He was a a sea captain who abandoned the sea and settled in the lower waters of the Rappahannock in Virginia.  His wife belonged to a family of some social distinction in Holland.  In 1655, he received a deed from James Gates.  Meindert Doodes anglicized his name to Minor Doodes (as well as using various other spellings).  His offspring took his first name as their surname.

The will of Meindert Doodes dated 13 Dec 1677 is transcribed below:

In the name of God, Amen.  I, Maindort Doodes, being in body of sound and perfect memory doe ordain this my Last will and Testament.  First I doe bequeath my sole to God that gave it; and my body to be buried in Christian buriall at the descretion of my Executors or Executrix hereafter named.

Item.  My Debts being firste paid.  I leave my hole personall estate in the hands of my loving wife Mary Doodes during the time of her widowhood and of inkase she should marry again then my will is that my sonne Doodes Minor’s children shall have the one half of my negros forthwith delivered into the possession of their Father for the sole use and behouf of them while such time, that it shall please God to take him away, and the Rebound to the use of their Mother during the time of her widowhood and afterwards to them solely and Inkase of the mortality of Ither without issue the survivor to succeed there on: and the other half to be forthwith delivered into the possession of Peter Montague for the sole use of their children and Inkase of the mortality of Ither of them without issue the Survivor to succeed thereon as above said; and soe to Remain them and their Increase male and female and not to souled or Morgaged; and free Increase Males and female and not to be morgaged and further my will is that the two ould negroes Degoet and Pallis his wife shall serve, but ten years after my desease, then then to be free and Doe make my loving wife Mary Doodes, and my loving friend William Chance my sole Executor & Executrix to see my will truly performed in witness where of I here with set my hand and seal the 13th day of December, 1677.  And none of my other Negroes to serve any longer than forty five years an sole them or their Increase.

Maindort Doodes    (Seal)

The will was later proved in Lancaster County, Virginia.  It was sealed with the wax impression of a ship.

The children of Meindert Doodes and Mary Garrett are:

  1. Mary, born about 1640.  The date of her death is not known wit certainty.  In about 1664, she married Peter Montague, the son of Peter Montague (1603-1659) and probably his wife wife, Hannah, discussed under their own heading.  Mary had a daughter, Mary, who is believed by some to be an ancestor of George Washington.  This possibility is discussed under the heading of Peter Montague (1603-1659).
  2. Doodes Minor (see below)

The son of Meindert Doodes and Mary Garrett is Doodes Minor, who was born about 1640, probably in the Netherlands.  There seems to be some confusion among historians about whther “Minor” was a corruption of Meindert, or another term for “Junior”.  However, the former is most likely the case.  In the 17th century, the Dutch did not use surnames, instead generally using their given name, followed by their father’s name.  When the Dutch came to America, the families eventually adopted various surnames.  Doodes Minor married Elizabeth Montague in 1671, the Reverend John Shepherd presiding, and the minister’s fee was 250 pounds of tobacco.  Elizabeth was born about 1640 in  Nansemond, Virginia and died about 1708 at  Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia.  She is the daughter of Peter Montague (1603-1659) and probably his first wife, Hannah, therefore the daughter and son of Meindert Doodes and Mary Garet both married a son or daughter of Peter Montague and Hannah.

Along with four other compatriots Meindert Doodes and his son Doodes Minor were naturalized by an act of a Grand Assembly holden in James Cittie the twentieth day of September in the twenty-third year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord the King that now is, and in the year of our Lord 1671 (or 1673, in some sources).[2]  They were to have all the rights and privileges including those of free trafique and trading that were allowed to any natural born Englishman of the colony.

Doodes Minor died in about 1694-95.  His will dated 13 Nov 1694 is transcribed below:

In the name of God. Amen. I Doodes Minor of the County of Middlesex being of sound and Perfect mind and Memory Do make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following and first and chiefly I bequeath my soul to God who gave it hoping through the merit of my Blessed Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus to obtain perfect forgiveness and Remission of all my sins and as touching such worldly goods as God of his great goodness hath bestowed upon me I do Dispose of the same as followeth, and do commit my body to ye earth from whence it was taken to be Decently buried at ye Discretion of my Exra hereafter named.  Imp I give and bequeath to my loving son Minor Minor my seal gold ring.  Item I give and bequeath to my loving grand Daughter Elizabeth Mickleburrough one Silver Mugg to be Delivered to her immediately after my now wife’s disease or if she should marry then this to be delivered as aforesd.  Item I lend unto my loving wife Elizabeth Minor During her widdowhood all and singular my goods and chattels of what nature of quality soever the same be together with all Debts whatsoever and it is my will that ye same Do Remain upon my now dwelling plantation to be managed as she shall think convenient During her widdowhood as aforesd and when she shall Intermarry (or at her death) then I give the same as is aforesd to my fower sons, that is to say, Minor Minor Wm Minor Garat Minor & Peter Minor to be equally Divided Between them.  Item It is my will that my loving wife Elizabeth Minor Do Remain upon and be peaceably possessed wth my dwelling plantation During her widdowhood and also that she have liberty to fell and make use of any timber upon any part of my land for ye good and Benefit of ye sd plantation.  Item I give and bequeath to my loving sons Minor Minor, Wm Minor Garat Minor & Peter Minor all and every part and parsill of Land wch I die possessed of in the upper part of this County of Middlesex to be equally divided Between them to them and to their Lawfull heirs forever and if any of them shall dy without such heirs then and in such a case it is my will that their part of my land Be equally Divided among my surviving Children.  Item I do Constitute and appoint my loving wife Elizabeth Minor and my loving sons Minor Minor and Wm Minor to be my Lawfull Exrs. of this my last will and testament and I doe request my loving friends Mr Maurice Cock Mr Tobias Mickleburrough Mr Wm Montague and Jno Smith to make an equall Division of my land and other estate at the time appointed Between my then surviving sons having regard to the quality and after Division it is my will yt my eldest sons when he shall come of age to have his first choyce and so successively as they shall come of age to be Possessed with their part or share of land and I do deliver this to the world as my last will and testament making Voyd all former wills by me made.  In testimony whereof I do hereunto sett my hand and fix my seal this 13th day of November Anno 1694.  These words Interlined before signing (upon their part of: of Land). 

Doodes Minor [Seal]  Signed and Sealed in Presence of Maurice Cock Nicolas Curtis Arthur Hancock John Smith

The will was later proved in Middlesex County, Virginia on 27 May 1695.

After the death of her husband, Doodes Minor, Elizabeth Montague married (2nd) Maurice Cocke and (3rd) James Thomas Blaise.

The children of Doodes Minor and Elizabeth Montague are listed as follows: William; Marie/Elizabeth, married  Tobias Mickelborough in 1684; Minor, married (1st) Alice George and (2nd) Elizabeth Norman, Garrett Minor (see below); John; Peter.

Garrett Minor was baptized on 13 Apr 1679 and died 2 (or 20) Feb 1720/1, both in Virginia.  On 17 Oct 1706, he married Diana Vivion (1680-1718), the daughter of John Vivion (1655-1705) and Margaret Smith (1662-1703).  Diana was born about 1680 in Middlesex, Virginia and died 16 Apr 1718 at Christ Church, Middlesex, Virginia.  Garrett and Diana had several children, including a son: John Minor, born 22 Jun 1707 at Topping Castle, Caroline County, Virginia.

On 14 Nov 1732, John Minor married Sarah Dabney Carr at Pamunkey Neck, King William, Virginia.  Sarah was born 14 Nov 1714, the daughter of Thomas Carr (1678-1737) and Mary Dabney (1687-1748).  Sarah died 25 Sep 1772 in St. George Parish, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  I am descended from both Sarah and her sister Agnes Carr (1711-1777), who married John Waller (1708-1776).  Both sisters are my 7th great grandmothers.

The children of John Minor and Sarah Dabney Carr are listed as follows[3] (all born at Topping Castle, Virginia):  (1) John[4] (1735-1800), married Elizabeth Cosby; (2) William (1738-1815); (3) Thomas Carr Minor (1740-1816), married Mary Dabney (see below); (4) Mary Ann (Nancy) (1742-1818), married Joseph Herndon; (5) Garret (1744-1799), married Mary Overton Terrell; (6) James (1745-1791), married Mary Carr; (7) Diana (1748-1748); (8) Dabney (1749-1794), married Ann Anderson; (9) Vivian (1750-1798), married Barbara Overton Cosby; (10) Elizabeth (1752-1786), married James Lewis and (11) Peter (1754-1793), married [?] Miss Jones.

Thomas Minor Carr was born 5 Aug 1740 and died 16 Feb 1816 at Topping Castle, Caroline, Virginia.  On 10 Mar 1763, he married Mary Dabney, the daughter of John Cornelius Dabney (1724-1773) and Anna Harris (1724-1775).  Mary Dabney was born 14 Sep 1742 in Louisa, Virginia and died 31 Oct 1818 in Albemarle, Virginia.

The daughter of Thomas Carr Minor and Mary Dabney is Elizabeth Minor, born 26 Sep 1768 and died 7 Jan 1832, both in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  On 31 Oct 1797 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia, she married Dabney Waller, the son of Thomas Carr Waller (1732-1787) and Sarah Ann Dabney (1740-1822).  Dabney Waller was born 20 Feb 1772 and died 6 Jun 1849, both at Cedar Point, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.  Their daughter, Elizabeth Dabney Waller (1808-1881), migrated to Missouri in the next generation.  Elizabeth Dabney Waller married Henry S. E. Pollard (1809-1884), and their lineage is continued under the heading of Robert Pollard (1610-1668).


[1] The basic biographical details of Meindert Doodes and Mary Garet were obtained from an article “Four Successive John Minors” in The Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Volume X, number 1 (July 1902), p. 97.

[2] Minor, John B.  The Minor Family of Virginia (Lynchburg, Virginia: J.P. Bell Company, Inc.) 1923, p. 4.

[3] There was a significant amount of intermarriage among the Minor, Carr, Dabney, Harris, Overton, Waller and Redd families of Virginia in this time period.  All of these names appear in the next generation (the grandchildren of John and Sarah) among the spouses, and among other close relatives by blood or marriage.  We share ancestors in common with all of them, and the connections are far too complex to summarize succinctly.

[4] He was known as Major Minor of Topping Castle.  John was an officer in the Revolution and was present at the surrender of British General Cornwallis at Yorktown, Virginia in 1781.


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