Griffin #2698

Robert Griffin (1613-1684)

Born in England.  Arrived in Newport, Rhode Island by 1649 and

Unknown spouse.

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Relatively little is known of Robert Griffin, who is found in the early colonial records of Newport, Rhode Island as early as 1648[1] and as late as 1659[2].  There seems to be a consensus among researchers that he was born either 1613 or 1616 in the British Isles (Steeple, Ashton, Wiltshire, England by some accounts), but I have found no mention of a definite source to support this assertion.

The name of Robert‘s spouse is unknown, although the names Hannah and Mary are mentioned in various sources. The only early published genealogy that I am aware of that refers to Robert Griffin is a work by Edith Austin Moore[3] in which she states that Robert’s wife name was Mary.  Some sources claim that Robert married Anne Almy[4], the daughter of William Almy and  and Audrey Barlowe[5], but I know of no evidence to support this theory.   Anne Almy is known to have married John Greene[6] in 1648, and none of the dates, which overlap impossibly, are consistent with the theory that Robert Griffin was Anne’s first husband before she married John GreeneRobert Griffin was still alive in 1655-1659, per colonial records and is often reported as living until 1684.  Furthermore, Anne Almy (born 1627) was not old enough to be the mother of Robert’s oldest children.  A great deal of genealogical research has been completed on both the Almy and Greene families, and those sources are more reliable than the Griffin sources and are to be preferred when information conflicts.

Several researchers suggest that Robert Griffin died in Rhode Island about 1684, but no one makes mention of a last will and testament or even an inventory of an intestate estate.

The children of Robert Griffin (mother’s identity unknown) are thought to be the following:

  1. Benjamin, born about 1639, married Sarah (or Susan) George.
  2. Hannah Griffin, born 17 Dec 1642, married Thomas Nichols.
  3. Richard, born about 1644, married Susannah Haight and settled on Long Island, New York.
  4. Susannah, baptized 13 May 1644, married John Spencer.
  5. Mary, born 1649, married Thomas Fry (1632-1704).

The lineage of Hannah Griffin and Thomas Nicholas is continued under the heading of Thomas Nichols (1642-1708).

[1] In January or early February 1648, Robert Griffin sold some land in Rhode Island to Richard Knight.

[2] In 1658-1659, in the General Court of Trials, Robert brought a claim that he was owed money by Quissuckquoanch, chief sachem of the Narragansett tribe of Native Americans.

[3] Edith Austin Moore. A genealogy of the descendants of Robert Austin of Kingstown, Rhode Island (published by the author) 1951.

[4] My 10th g-grandmother

[5] My 11th g-grandparents, discussed under their own heading

[6] My 10th g-grandfather, discussed under the heading of John Greene (1597-1659).


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