Haile #2612

Richard Haile (1640-1720)

Born in either England or New England.  He was in Rhode Island by 1675 and later settled in Massachusetts and

Mary Bullock (1652-1730)

Born in Massachusetts.

Haile 2612

Nothing is known with certainty of the English origins or early life of my ancestor, Richard Haile, who was born about 1640 in either England or New England.  Some published genealogies link him to a “Richard Hale” of Kings Walden, Hertfordshire (born about 1600) and from there to earlier generations through the Visitations of Hertfordshire[1], but this connection seems tenuous.  He was a tailor and apparently illiterate (signing documents with his “mark”), leading one to conclude that he was likely not a recent descendant of British nobility or gentry.  The few facts that we have are summarized by Wright in his History of Swansea[2], as follows:

  • Richard Haile, the ancestor of the Hail, Haile, Hale family (as it is variously spelled by his descendants) of Swansea, Massachusetts and Warren, Rhode Island, first appears in the colonial records of 4 May 1675: Voted [by the general Assembly] Elisha Smith [and many others among whom is Richard Hailes] beinge freemen of the towne of Newport are all admitted freemen of this Collony.
  • He first appears on Swansea records when he was admitted an inhabitant on 14 Nov 1677 and granted a ten acre lot north of ye old fence at Kickemuit.  This would indicate that it lay between Market street and the highway running along the west bank of the Kickerauit river between the bridges.
  • He was married, as late as 1676, to Mary Bullock, daughter of Richard Bullock and Elizabeth IngrahamMary was born 16 Feb 1652 at Rehoboth.  It is possible that Mary was not Richard’s first wife, as the marriage seems to have occurred when Richard was already in his mid-30s.  Mary died at Swansea on 15 Feb 1730.
  • In 1698, Richard Haile was chosen fence viewer, the only office be seems to have held.
  • Richard‘s occupation is given as taylour in deeds of that period.  He deeded his real estate to his youngest son Barnard in 1713, which was bounded on the north and west by Elder Samuel Luther’s land[3], on the east by the highway, and on the south by John Wheaton’s land.
  • Richard Haile died on 29 Sep 1720.  The inscription on his headstone reads: Here lyeth y Body of Richard Haile who dyed Septem y 22 1720 aged nere 80 years[4]Richard’s wife, Mary Bullock, died on 15 Feb 1730.  The inscription on her headstone reads: Here lies Inter’d ye Body of Mrs Mary Haile Widow & Relick of Mr. Richard Haile Dec.d February ye 15th 1729 30 in ye 77th year of her Age.  They and their three sons were buried in the Kickemuit Cemetery in Warren, Rhode Island, within sight of their home.
The children of Richard Haile and Mary Bullock are listed as follows (all born at Swansea, Massachusetts except for the eldest, John, who may have been born at Newport or elsewhere):
  1. John Haile, born about 1677 and died on 19 Feb 1718.  In about 1702 at Swansea, he married Hannah Tillinghast of Providence, Rhode Island, the daughter of Rev. Pardon Tillinghast and Lydia Taber.  She was born 2 Jan 1682 at Providence, Rhode Island and died 19 Oct 1731 at Swansea, Massachusetts.
  2. Mary, born about 1679 in Swansea.  She married Nicholas Power.
  3. Richard, born 22 Dec. 1681 and died on 8 Feb 1718.  He married Ann Mason[5] (1688-1748).  His son Walter Haile was one of the physicians of the town[6], as was Walter’s son Nathan Haile.  A great grandson, William Haile, was governor of New Hampshire (1857-59) and William’s son, William H. Haile of Springfield, Massachusetts, was Lt. Gov. of Massachusetts (1890-93) and the Republican candidate for governor in 1892, defeated by the popular Gov. William. E. Russell by a small plurality[7].
  4. Another great grandson Levi Haile, of Warren, was Judge of the Supreme Court of R. I. 1835-54, July 14th, the date of his death.
  5. Elizabeth, born 22 Jul 1685 and died on 9 Sep 1756.  She married Jonathan Hill[8] (1685-1738).
  6. Barnard, born about 1687 and died on 16 April 1754.  On 24 Jan. 1711/2 at Swansea he married Elizabeth Slade (1695- ).
  7. Hannah, born 8 May 1690 and died on 31 May 1771.  She married in 1708 (1st) Robert Carr, (2nd) Jonathan Wilson, in 1730 (3rd) Samuel Little and in 1739 (4th) Josias Byles.
  8. Rose, born 30 May 1692 and died on 7 March 1748.  On 30 Jul 1730 she married James Mason[9] (1685-1755).
  9. Patience, born 3 Jul and died on 5 Aug 1772.  On 7 Feb 1711/2, she married William Turner.

John Haile (1677-1718): Here lyeth ye Body of John Haile dyed Feb the 19th 1718 in ye 41st year of his Age (Kickemuit Cemetery, Warren, Bristol County, Rhode Island)

There was a great deal of intermarriage among the Haile, Tillinghast and Mason families.  I am descended from two of the daughters of John Haile and Hannah Tillinghast: Lillis Haile (1714-1797) and Hannah Haile (1716-1791).  Both daughters are my 7th great grandmothers, and each had a daughter who married a grandson of Sampson Mason (1625-1676)[10].  The lines reconnect in their grandchildrens’ generation with the marriage in 1758 of 1st cousins, Jesse Mason (1737-1823) and Lois Mason (1737-1788).  Details are included under the heading of Sampson Mason (1625-1676), where their lineage is continued.

Another son of John Haile and Hannah Tillinghast, John Haile (1703-1731), married Elizabeth Mason (1707-1794), the daughter of my 8th g-grandparents, Pelatiah Mason (1669-1763) and Hepsibeth Brooks (1674-1727), also discussed under the heading of Sampson Mason (1625-1676).

All these lines reconnect in 1783 with the marriage of Reuben Baker to his 2nd cousin, Lydia Mason.  Their daughter Lydia Baker (my paternal 4th g-grandmother) has only 46 ancestors going back five generations, instead of the theoretically “correct” number of 62 ancestors.

[1] Walter C. Matcalfe, ed. The Visitations of Hertfordshire made by Robert Cooke, Esq., Clavencieux , in 1572 and Sir Richard St. George, Kt., Clavencieux , in 1634 with Hertfordshire Pedigrees from Harleian Mss. 6147 and 1546 (London, 1886).

[2] Otis Olney Wright. History of Swansea, Massachusetts: 1667-1917 (Published by the town, 1917) p. 165.

[3] The colonial records show that Samuel Luther was an associate of John Myles (my paternal 9th g-grandfather), who with other Baptists, instead of being admitted as freemen, had accorded to them only the privileges of “sojourners” at Rehoboth before the founding of Swansea.

[4] It is based on this that Richard’s year of birth is estimated to be about 1640.

[5] Ann Mason is the granddaughter of Sampson Mason (1625-1676), my 9th g-grandfather, discussed under his own heading.

[6] According to one source, there is a tradition he also dealt in the occult and was regarded with considerable awe by the simple-minded of the community.

[7] Wright, p. 166.

[8] Jonathan Hill is the son of Jonathan Hill (1657-1731), my 8th g-grandfather, discussed under the heading of Jonathan Hill (1638-1690).

[9] James Mason is the grandson of Sampson Mason (1625-1676), my 9th g-grandfather, discussed under his own heading.

[10] Lillis Hale married Nathan Mason, and they had a son, Jesse Mason.  Hannah Hale married Pelatiah Mason (Jr.), and they had a daughter, Lois Mason.


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