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Catherine Hamby (1615-1650)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts before October 1636, when she was married in Massachusetts and

Edward Hutchinson (1613-1675)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts in about 1633.

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Edward Hutchinson is the eldest child of the famous Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson, who is discussed at length under her own heading.  He traveled to Massachusetts about a year before the rest of his large family, who arrived in 1634.

The daughter of Edward Hutchinson and Catherine Hamby is Anne Hutchison (1643-1718), who married Samuel Dyer (1635-1678), who was the son of Mary Barret and William DyerMary Barrett, known in history as Mary Dyer, the English Puritan turned Quaker who was hanged in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony (now in present-day Massachusetts) in 1660 for repeatedly defying a Puritan law banning Quakers from the colony.  Her story is related at length under her own heading.  The lineage of Anne Hutchinson (1643-1718) and Samuel Dyer is continued under this heading of Mary Dyer (1611-1660), as well.

Samuel died early, and on 22 Sep 1679, at the age of thirty-four, Anne married a second time to Daniel Vernon and she was not heard from again.  She was buried in Newport, Rhode Island with her second husband.  While otherwise not historically notable, Anne is unique in that she is the convergence of four authenticated royal ancestral lines for Tor Martin Hylbom plus one noble line.  One royal line comes from Edward I, King of England (to Sir Edward Raleigh), another from John, King of England (to Anne Chamberlayne) another from Henry I, King of England (to John Booth and Anne Thimbleby) and the last from Henry II, King of England (to William Marbury).  The noble line is from Sir William de Huntingfield, one of the Magna Carta Sureties (to Anne Chamberlayne).  Some of what is known of the royal and noble ancestry of Catherine Hamby and Edward Hutchinson is located in a separate article – Royal and Noble Lines of Anne (Hutchinson) Dyer, 1643-1716 (Anne Hutchinson’s granddaughter).



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