Pictures of Hylinge (from many sources) are posted below.  The origins of the HYLBOM surname may have something to do with this place in Sweden.  Please contact me if you have any information about Hylinge or the connections of the Hylbom family to this place.

Aerial view showing the location of Hylinge - GPS coordinates: 58°27′57″N 16°9′37″E (58.465833,16.160278)

Aerial view showing the location of Hylinge – GPS coordinates: 58°27′57″N 16°9′37″E (58.465833,16.160278)

The following article is taken from the Swedish Wikipedia site: Hylinge är en herrgård i Söderköpings kommun.  Hylinge ligger mellan Söderköping och Linköping, i Västra Husby församling. Det är känt sedan 1300-talet. En tid under 1500-talet löd det under Askeby kloster.  Under 1600-talet ägdes Hylinge av släkten Gyldenclou och under 1700-talet av Burensköld och Schwerin.  År 1779 tillträdde Fredrik Georg Strömfelt och hans hustru Anna Magdalena Wachtmeister varefter gården varit i släktens ägo till 1966 då siste fideikommissarien ryttmästaren greve Carl Strömfelt avled. Ägandet övergick sedermera till dennes brorson majoren greve Carl Haraldsson Strömfelt.  Under Fredrik Georg Strömfelts ägande fullbordades antagligen år 1788 huvudbyggnaden efter ritningar troligen av Olof Tempelman eventuellt i samarbete med Erik Palmstedt.  Byggmästare var Anders Sundström från Nyköping.  Stenhuset från 1600-talets mitt finns kvar som en flygel till nuvarande huvudbyggnad.

English translation, from “Google Translate” (if anyone can provide improvements to this translation, it would be very much appreciated – contact me):  “Hylinge is a mansion in Söderköpings municipality. Hylinge between Söderköping and Linkoping, in Western Husby church. It is known since the 1300s. Some time during the 1500s solder during Askeby monastery.  During the 1600s the family owned Hylinge Gyldenclou and during the 1700s Buren Shield and Schwerin.  In 1779, Fredrik Georg Power Felt and his wife Anna Magdalena Wachtmeister after which the farm was owned by the family until 1966 when the last fideikommissarien Captain Count Carl Power Felt died.  Ownership was transferred later to his nephew Major Count Carl Haraldsson Power Fault.  During Fredrik Georg Strömfelts ownership was completed probably in 1788 the main building, designed probably by Olof Tempelman possibly in collaboration with Erik Palmstedt. Builder was Anders Sundström from Nyköping. Stone House from 1600-century remains of a wing to the existing main building.”




  • Penny

    My g grandmother was born in Vastra Husby in Oct of 1861. She emigrated in 1884. Her name was Eva Charlotte Johannson. Her after died when she was you and they moved to Ostra Husby. I am looking for her family.

  • My gg-grandmother, Carolina Nilsdotter, lived at Backstugan Bjorksatter, which was about 1 kilometer west of Hylinge Herrgard. Church records indicate she was “vid Hylinge Vardhus” before she emigrated to America in 1872. I am planning a trip to Sweden next summer (2016), and was thinking that it would be so very awesome if this manor house took in guests as a bed & breakfast.

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