Levillain #1438

Jean Pierre Levillain (1666-1746)

Born in France.  Arrived in Virginia in 1700 and

Unknown Spouse

Levillain #1438

Virginia State Highway marker – found near Bocobel Ferry Road on State Route 6 near Manakin (west of Richmond)

Jean Pierre Levillain is the father of Susanna Levillain (1709-1775), the wife of John James Dupuy (1698-1775).  John James Dupuy is discussed under the heading of Bartholomew Dupuy (1652-1743).   Both Jean Pierre Levillain and Bartholomew Dupuy were among the party of 700-800 French Huguenots[1] who arrived aboard four ships at Jamestown, Virginia from London, where many Huguenots had settled as refugees.  They arrived in Virginia in 1700 and settled at Huguenot colony of Manakintown, Virginia, which was a frontier outpost on the James River about 15 miles west of present-day Richmond, Virginia

Almost nothing is known of Jean Pierre Levillain, aside from the vital details.  He was born in Tessy-sur-Vire, Basse Normandie, France in about 1666 and died in Goochland County, Virginia in 1746.  Like the other Huguenot refugees who arrived in Virginia in 1700, he probably was forced to flee France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685, and may have sojourned in Switzerland and Holland before making his way to England and ultimately to the Virginia frontier.  Nothing has been discovered regarding the identity of his wife or wives, or whether she accompanied him to Virginia or whether he perhaps married her after his arrival in Virginia.  Most sources report that his son, John Peter, born in 1698 who married Philippa Dupuy and a daughter, Susanna Levillain, who married Phillippa’s brother, John James Dupuy.

The lineage of Susanna Levillain and John James Dupuy is continued under the heading of Bartholomew Dupuy (1652-1743).

[1] For the historical background of French Huguenots, refer to separate Article.


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