Montague Proposed Noble and Royal Lines

The following lineages from Drogo De Monte-Acuto, born 1040 and Richard I Moriton (Duke of Normandy), born 933 have been proposed by Skiles Fielding Montague of Bradenton, Florida.  I cannot vouch for the accuracy of this information.  I present it merely as a starting point for anyone who may be interested in researching the possible noble and royal connections of Peter Montague, immigrant to Virginia of 1621.


From Drogo De Monte-Acuto:

1.         Drogo De Monte-Acuto, born 1040 in Montagules-Bois, Coutances, Normandy, France; died 1125 in Somerset Co., England.  He married unknown.

2.         William De Monte-Acuto, born 1066 in Montagules-Bois, Coutances, Normandy, France.  He married unknown.

3.         Richard De Monte-Acuto (Knight), died 1161.  He married  unknown.

4.         Drue De Monte-Acuto married Aliva Basset, daughter of Alan Basset.

5.         William Montacute, died 1218.  He married Isabel (?).

6.         William Montacute (Sir), died 1247.  He married unknown.

7.         William Montacute, born 1210 in Montacute, Somerset Co., England.  He married Berta (?), born 1212 in Montacute, Somerset Co., England.

8.         Simon Montacute (Sir), born 1250 in Montacute, Somerset Co., England; died 1316.  He married Aufricia Fergus, born 1252 in Isle Of Man, daughter of Fergus (King Isle of Man).

9.         William Montacute (Baron), born 1271 in Cassington, England; died 1320 in Gascony, England; buried 1320 in Christ Church, Dorset Co., England.  He married  Elizabeth Monfort (Baroness), born 1271 in Beaudesert, Warwickshire Co., England, daughter of Peter Montfort (Lord).

10.         William Montacute (King of Man), born 1301 in Salisbury, Wiltshire Co., England; died 30 Jan 1344; buried  in White Friars, London, England.  He married Katharine Grandison, born 1304 in Ashford, Middlesex Co., England, daughter of William Grandison (Lord) and Sibylla De Tregoz.

11.         John Montacute (Sir), born 1327 in Donyatt, Somerset Co., England; died 1396.  He married Margaret Monthermer, daughter of Thomas Monthermer and Margaret Tiptoft.

12.         John Montacute (Sir), born 1357; died 1400.  He married Maud Francis, daughter of Adam Francis (Sir).

13.         Richard Montacute, married  unknown.

14.         Edward Montague, born 1429 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.  He married unknown.  Notes: Montacute is the Latin spelling of the English name Montague.  The spelling of the names in this genealogy are those most encountered during the research.  There is no doubt concerning the lineage of Robert Montague and Richard Montacute since they both bore the same Coat of Arms.  The Coat of Arms of Montague – Boveney & Dorney – were: “Argent, three fusils in fess gules (red diamonds), between three pellets or ogresses (black discs) on a silver shield.  The crest was a Golden Griffin with outstretched wings and a ribbon of alternate Red & White bands.  The motto was “DISPONDEDO ME, NON MUTANDO ME”.  Reference: Edmondson’s Heraldry & Burke’s Encyclopedia of Heraldry.  The three black ogresses were added to the Coat of Arms passed down by Sir Simon Montague to denote the Boveney & Dorney branches of the family.  Other branches of the family made other alterations.  The ogresses Black may have been added for differences in a family, or they may have been added to mark some deed done at some time, such as a large donation of land to the church, as the church at Boveney bears such a record.  Perhaps they may have been added as part of the maternal arms of William Montague, son of Robert, for his mother was Margaret, daughter of Roger Cotton.  And the arms of one family of Cotton were, “Argent a bend Sable between three ogresses.”  Whatever may have been the origin of the pellets, the fact still remains, that the Boveney family bear the Arms of Sir Simon Montague of A.D. 1300, which arms were also born by his son lord William Montacute and by his grandson the first Earl of Salisbury.  Heraldry, or more properly Armory, is the short hand of History.  Its purpose was to identify persons and property and to record descent and alliance.  Hundreds of persons may be entitled to the same initials, may possess precisely the same names; but only the members of a particular family can lawfully bear certain armorial ensigns, and the various branches of even that family have their separate differences to distinguish one from the other.  The Boveney family bear the same name as the descendants of Drogo.  They were residing in A.D. 1500 in the same locality and country of England where the descendants of Drogo had held possessions and manors in A.D. 1400 and for centuries before.  They bear the same Arms which alone would seem to silently but surely denote that they are a branch of the same family.  Where and when the separation took place is not known, but it would seem probable that the Boveney branch left the main stream, after the year 1300 and before the year 1400, or between those dates, for their Coat of Arms was not in existence until adopted by Sir Simon Montacute A.D. 1300, and had they separated previous to that date, their Arms should have been “Azure a griffin sergeant, Or.”  Again the Arms of the Montagues, after A.D. 1400, who were descended from the 3rd Earl of Salisbury, have been quartered with those of the Monthermers, which were “an eagle displayed, vert,” while the Boveney branch retains the ancient shield of Sir Simon Montacute (1301).  There are several places where such separation seems possible.  The spelling change of the name seems to be consistent after Edward.  Some list Edward as Montacute and others as Montague.

15.         Robert Montague, born 1455 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 1520 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.  He married unknown.

16.         William Montague, born 1480 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 21 Mar 1550 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.  He married  Jone Grow, born 1481 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.

17.         Robert Montague, born 1505 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 10 Jan 1575 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.  He married  Margaret Cotton, born 1514 in Wardville, Berkshire Co., England; died  in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England, daughter of Roger Cotton.

18.         William Montague, born 1536 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 20 Mar 1594 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England.  He married in 1557, Margaret M. Malthouse, born 1550 in Binfield, Berkshire, England, daughter of John Malthouse and Margaret Bullock.

19.         Peter Montague, born 1573 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 16 Mar 1638 in Warfield, Berkshire Co., England.  He married in 1593, Eleanor Allen, born 7 Feb 1579 in Burnham, Buckinghamshire, England; died 1658 in Berkshire Co., England, daughter of William Allen.

20.         Peter Montague, born 21 Jan 1603 in Boveney, Berkshire Co., England; died 25 May 1659 in Lancaster, Lancaster Co., Virginia.


From Richard I Morton:

1.         Richard I Moriton (Duke of Normandy), born 28 Aug  933 in Fecamp, Normandy, France; died 20 Nov  996 in Seine-Inferieure, Fecamp, Normandy, France. He married in 962 in France, Gonnor De Crepon (Dutchess of Normandy), born  936 in Normandy, France; died 1031.

2.         Richard II Moriton (Duke of Normandy), born  958 in Normandy, France; died 23 Aug 1026 in Fecamp, France; buried 28 Aug 1026 in Fecamp, France. He married in Normandy, France, Judith (?) (Dutchess of Normandy), born  982 in Bretange, Rennes, France; died 1017 in Normandy, France.

3.         Robert I Moriton (Duke of Normandy), born  999 in Normandy, France; died 2 Jul 1035 in Nicaea, Bithynia (Turkey); buried in Nicaea Cathedral, Nicaea, Bithynia (Turkey).  He married (1) in 1023, Harlette De Falaise, born 1003 in Falaise, Calvados, France.  He married (2) Baker, born 1002 in Falais, Calvados, Normandy, France.

4.         Moriton William I (King of England), born 14 Oct 1024 in Falais, Calvados, Normandy, France; died 9 Sep 1087 in Seine-Maritime, France; buried 10 Sep 1087 in Abbey St. Stephen, Calvados, France.   He married in 1053 in Castle of Angi, Normandy, France, Matilda Flanders (Queen of England), born 1031 in Caen, Calvados, France; died 2 Nov 1083 in Caen, Calvados, France; buried 3 Nov 1083 in Holy Trinity Church, Caen, Calvados, France, daughter of  Baldwin V and Adela (?).

5.         Beauclerc Henry I (King of England), born 1068 in Selby, Yorkshire, England; died 1 Dec 1135 in St. Denis, Seine-St., Denis, France; buried 4 Jan 1136 in Reading, Berkshire, England.  He married  Matilda MacDuncan (Queen of England), born 1079 in Dunfermline, Fifeshire, Scotland; died 1 May 1118 in Westminster, Middlesex, England; buried Jun 1118 in Church St. Peter, Westminster, England, daughter of MacDuncan Malcomb III (King of Scotland) and Margaret Atheling (Queen / Scotland).

6.         Matilda Beauclerc (Empress), born 5 Aug 1102 in London, Middlesex, England; died 10 Sep 1168 in Notre Dame, Rouen, France; buried  in Le Bec-Hellouin, Eure, Eure, France.  She married  Geoffrey V Plantagenet (Count), born 24 Aug 1113 in Anjou, France; died 7 Sep 1151 in Eure-Et-Loire, France.

7.         Plantagenet Henry II (King of England), born 5 Mar 1133 in Lemans, Maine, Anjou Orleans, France; died 6 Jul 1189 in France; buried 8 Jul 1189 in Fontevrault Abbe, France.  He married (1) on 11 May 1152 in Bordeaux, Gironde, France, Eleanor Aquatine (Queen of England) [199], born 1123 in Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France; died 31 Mar 1204 in Mirabell Castle, Fontevrault, L’Ab, Mel, France; buried  in Monastery, Fontevrault, L’Ab, Mel, France, daughter of William Aquatine (Duke).  He married (2) Alice Alix (Princess), born 1170 in France; died 1221, daughter of  Louis VII (King of France).

8.         Eleanor Plantagenet (Queen of Castile), born 13 Oct 1162 in Dumfront, Normandy, France; died 31 Oct 1214 in Burgos, Spain.  She married on 22 Sep 1177 Alfonso VIII (King of Castile), born 11 Nov 1155 in Castile, Spain; died 6 Oct 1214 in Huelgas, Burgos, Spain.

9.         Berengaria, born 1181 in Segovia, Castile, Spain; died 1245 in Burgos, Spain.  She married in Oct 1197 in Spain  Alfonso IX (King of Leon), born 1168 in Zamora, Leon, Spain; died 23 Sep 1230.

10.         Fernando III (King of Castile), born 5 Aug 1201 in Leon, Spain; died 30 May 1252 in Sevilla, Spain.  He married in 1237 in Burgos, Spain Jeanne Dammartin (Countess of Ponthieu), born 1216 in Dammartin, France; died 15 Mar 1279, daughter of Simon De Dammartin and Marie J. Ponthieu.

11.         Jone d’Acres Plantagenet, born 1270 in Acre, Palestine; died 23 Apr 1307 in Clare, Suffolk, England.  She married (1) in Jan 1296, Ralph Monthermer (Sir), born 1275 in Acre, Palestine; died 1323.  She married (2) on 30 Apr 1290 in Westminster Abbey, London, England Gilbert De Clare, born 2 Sep 1243 in Christ Church, Hampshire, England; died 7 Dec 1295 in Monmouth Castle, Monmouth, Wales; buried in Tewksbury Abbey.

12.         Thomas Monthermer, born 1297 in Acre, Palestine.  He married  Margaret Tiptoft.

13.         Margaret Monthermer married John Montacute (Sir), born 1327 in Donyatt, Somerset Co., England; died 1396, son of William Montacute (King of Man) and Katharine Grandison.

14.         This line now connects to (11), above, under the lineage from Drogo De Monte-Acuto.



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