Newhall #5174

Thomas Newhall (1594-1674)

Born in Olney, Buckinghamshire, England.  Arrived in Massachusetts in 1630 and

Mary Jane Pendleton? (1600-1652)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts in 1630.

Newhall #5174

I am descended from Thomas Newhall (1594-1674) through two different daughters[1].

My immigrant ancestor, Thomas Newhall, was born about 1594 at Olney Parish, Buckinghamshire, England.  The parentage of Thomas Newhall is not known with certainty.  His father may have been a “John Newhall”, born 1557 in Olney Parish, Buckinghamshire, England, or possibly another “John Newhall” born there in 1574.  According to some sources, Thomas married Mary Jan Pendleton about 1621 in Olney, Buckinghamshire.  However, little is known of her, and this identification should probably be considered speculative unless additional research can provide clarity.  In any case, the mother of Thomas’ children was presumably born about 1600 in England and apparently died before 1652 (although some sources provide a date of 1665).  According the Alonzo Lewis and James R. Newhall in their History of Lynn[2], Thomas married an Elizabeth Potter on 29 Dec 1652, and she was buried 22 Feb 1687.  She would be Thomas’ second (or later) wife, as the children named in his will were apparently all born by 1637.

Map of the Massachusetts Bay colony and neighboring settlements

Thomas came to America with his family (probably his wife and his two youngest children) and possibly his brother, Anthony Newhall.  They landed at Salem in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay in 1630, and based on the timing and circumstances of their arrival, it appears they came as members of the Winthrop Fleet.  This fleet of eleven ships left Southampton, England in the Spring of 1630 with a total of about seventeen hundred passengers, and we do not know the name of the specific ship that brought Thomas Newhall.  Shortly after his arrival, Thomas and his family moved to Lynn, Massachusetts, and they were among the earliest families to settle there.

In 1630 and the years immediately following, other families also immigrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony from Olney and vicinity, in association with their minister, William Worcester, and many of these settled in Lynn.  In addition to Thomas’ presumed brother, Anthony, others known to be among this company (over the period of a few years beginning in 1630 and not necessarily on the same ships) were the families of John Cooper, Edmund Farrington, John Fuller, William Gaines, William Griggs, Nathaniel Kirtland, Philip Kirtland, William Partridge and Henry Pierson[3]Thomas Newhall was granted 30 acres in the 1638 land distribution, and he later acquired additional land at Rumney Marsh and Gaines Neck.

In 1640, Thomas was apparently interested in a proposed establishment of a settlement on Long Island, and he may have signed an agreement to settle there.  However, there is no evidence that he invested any money in the venture, and it is doubtful that he ever went there.  There were other families in Lynn that did go on to start this new settlement.

In 1649, Thomas was a member of the “Train Band” (a group carrying supplies and ammunition in support of a military operation) of Lynn, however he was discharged in 1649, freed from training on account of his age, paying 6s yearly to the company

The will of Thomas Newhall was dated in 1668 and proved in 1674.  His son, Thomas (Jr.), was executor, and the inventory of his estate at probate totaled £173.

According to some sources, Thomas Newhall had as many as 10 children.  However, the only children mentioned in his will (along with the husbands of his daughters) are:

  1. John, born about 1622 in England and died about 1718 in Salisbury, Massachusetts.
  2. Susanna Newhall, born in England in 1624 and died 7 Feb 1682 at Lynn, Massachusetts.  She married Richard Haven.
  3. Thomas, born in 1630 in Lynn, Massachusetts (according to Lewis and Newhall, cited above, the first white child born in Lynn) and died in 1687, also at Lynn.
  4. Mary Newhall, born in 1637 in Lynn, Massachusetts and died after about 1700.  She married Thomas Brown

In his will, Thomas also refers to a brother Farington, and this may be the husband of a sister of Thomas, although nothing more is known.

I am descended from both of the daughters of Thomas Newhall and Mary Jane Pendleton, as follows:

  • Prior to 1644, or thereabouts, Susanna Newhall married Richard Haven (1620-1703), and their lineage is continued under his heading.  Their first child was born at Lynn on 22 Feb 1645.
  • Mary Newhall married Thomas Brown (1628-1693), and their lineage is continued under the heading of Nicholas Brown (1601-1694).

[1] Thomas Newhall is also my 10th g-grandfather through his daughter, Mary (1637-1701). Her lineage is continued under the heading of Thomas Brown (1628-1693).  The two lines do not reconnect until 1833, when Fayette B. Hamlin married Lucretia York in Rupert, Vermont.

[2] Alonzo Lewis and James R. Newhall. The History of Lynn, Essex County, Massachusetts: Including Lynnfield, Saugus, Swampscot and Nahant (Boston, Massachusetts: John L. Shorey, Publisher, 1865) p. 126.

[3] The American Genealogist, 64:193-202, 65:65-69, 73:119-22.



  • Jennifer

    Afterthought> so Anthony NEWHALL is my 9x great gramps. I have no “for sure” on this, however, seeing some places that his wife was Mary WHITE (1604-1631) I am actually looking for the baby mama of Mary NEWHALL (1633-1728) dau of Anthony that married Richard HOOD in 1652. Again, I am unsure on the Mary WHITE, however, I have a WHITE (surname) line that I am unable to find beyond George WHITE (preacher) m to Blanche unk father of George WHITE Jr (1722-1792) marr to Susannah READ (1731-aft 1792). I cannot help but wonder if there is an affiliation of some sort. If anyone…..anywhere has any thoughts on this please share

    Thx……your cousin…..LOL…all of ya….Jennifer Gilley

  • Jennifer

    Anthony Newhall is my ggggggggg gramps aka 9x great grandpa. i am for the most part researching my ancestors very near the 1700 time frame. Although, we do not share rel’s to current like in the 1800’s:) evrytime I google a name it seems I end up here. Crazy as it seems, I think I learn something new everytime. Or should I say something more interesting. The new discovery of the week is the Collins Salem witchcraft trials. Good stuff! With the One of these days, in my spare time, I will sit down and figure out how many ways we are related.

    aka Jennifer -(Jinkins)-Travis- Waller- etc- GILLEY
    aka Jennifer- (Jinkins)-Bynum-McLain- etc- GILLEY

    see what I mean?

  • Summer Albin

    HI, I am also a descendant of Thomas Newhall, by way of his Daughter Mary Browne. I also have the name Lucretia York in my line due to Mary Browne. Thomas Newhall’s Brother, Anthony also had a daughter named Mary Newhall. She married a man named Robert Hood and had a Daughter, Sarah Bassett Hood- the sister in law of Elizabeth Proctor Bassett. Both women were accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch trials in 1692.

  • Janet Bailey

    I am a descendant of Thomas Newhall and visited the Lynn Historical society where I learned that Thomas Newhall’s son Thomas Newhall was NOT the first white person to be born in Lynn.

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