Ragland #1512

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Ragland #1512

From 1689 when Evan Ragland first appears in the vestry minutes of St. Peter’s parish, New Kent county, until his death, his name appears at irregular intervals in the rent rolls of New Kent and the vestry minutes and register of St. Peter’s.  These records, aside from the patent records, are the only documents which have survived from this period.

Although the records tell very little about his life a few “facts” can be established and certain assumptions made which shed some light on his activities and condition.  To begin with, he does not appear to have acquired any additional land in New Kent beyond the 500 acres probably inherited from his father-in-law and already in his possession in 1689.  While he and his sons obviously worked their own plantation the register revels that he owned slaves, although in what number is not known.  Nowhere in the records was he accorded the title of “gentleman” nor does it appear that he ever served on the vestry board or in any important county office.  These facts would seem to infer that socially he was of the “middle class.”  The death of his wife is not recorded in the register; however he is known to have left at least four sons and a daughter.



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