Seabury #2792

John Seabury (1622-1649)

Born in England.  Arrived in Boston, Massachusetts in 1639 and

Grace (1622- )

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts by 1639.

Seabury #2792

Relatively little is known of John Seabury, probably born before 1622 in England and died 1649 in Boston, Massachusetts.  The Seabury family is originally from Porlock, Devonshire, England, but John’s parents have not been identified.  John Seabury was a planter and a seaman. He arrived in Boston on 25 Nov 1639 and bought a house there.  In 1639, John married Grace of unknown family.  Reliable informationon her date and place of birth or death has not been located, although she certainly must have been born in England and arrived in Massachusetts by 1639, when she married in Boston.

The son of John Seabury and Grace is Samuel Seabury, born 10 Nov 1640 in Boston, Massachusetts and died 5 Aug 1681 in Duxbury, Massachusetts. On 4 Apr 1677 Samuel married Martha Pabodie in Duxbury, Massachusetts.  Samuel had first been married to Patience Kemp. After Samuel’s death, Martha remarried William Fobes about 1682 and had at least one more child with him.  William Fobes and Martha moved to Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island, and that may be where the younger Seabury children were raised.

The son of Samuel Seabury and Martha Pabodie is Joseph Seabury, born 5 Jun 1678 in Duxbury, Massachusetts and died 22 Aug 1755 in Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island. In 1720, Joseph Seabury married Mary Ladd[1]Mary was born 5 Mar 1698 in Newport, Rhode Island and died 26 Feb 1733 in Tiverton, Newport, Rhode Island.

The daughter of Joseph Seabury and Mary Ladd is Elizabeth “Betty” Seabury, born 2 Feb 1730 in Tiverton, Rhode Island and died 31 Jan 1815 in Westport, Massachusetts.  On 16 Oct 1751 she married Daniel Allen in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.  Daniel was born 13 Oct 1729 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts and died 1 Jun 1822 in Westport, Massachusetts. The lineage of Elizabeth “Betty” Seabury and Daniel Allen is continued under the heading of George Allen (1568-1648).


[1] This was Joseph’s second marriage.  He previously married Phoebe Fobes (or Smith) in 1701 in Little Compton, Newport, Rhode Island. The ceremony was performed by Joseph Church, Justice. Phebe was a widow when Joseph married her, the daughter of Lt. William and Elizabeth (Southworth) Fobes. Phoebe was born in 1678 and died in Little Compton on 21 Apr in 1715.


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