Shooter #2714

Peter Shooter (1611-1655)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts at an unknown date and

Hannah ( – )

Probably born in England and arrived in Massachusetts at an unknown date.

Shooter #2714

Not much is known of Peter Shooter, aside from the following vital details:  He is thought to have been born about 1611 in Chesthunt, Hertfordshire, England and died 15 Jul 1655 in Braintree, Massachusetts.  He married Hannah [surname and vital details unknown].  Like Peter, she may be from Chesthunt, Hertfordshire, England.  Their daughter is Hanna Shooter, born 16 Feb 1637 in Braintree, Massachusetts.  Her date of death is unknown.  On 25 Dec 1656 at Braintree, Massachusetts, she married Nathaniel Mott (1631-1675), and their lineage is discussed under his heading.


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