Swift #5140

William Swift (1589-1643)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts about 1630 and

Joan Sisson (1586-1663)

Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts about 1630.

Swift #5140

William Swift was born at Darrington, Yorkshire, England about 1589 and died at Sandwich, Massachusetts in 1643.  He is the only known son of William Swift (1561-1597) and Janet Wilson.  In about 1619 at Bocking, Essex, England he married Joan Sisson[1], born at Bocking and died at Sandwich, Massachusetts on 26 Nov 1663.  They arrived in Massachusetts about 1630, settling first at Watertown, where William was a proprietor in 1636.  In 1641, the family settled at Sandwich, Massachusetts.

The known children of William Swift and Joan Sisson (all born in England) are listed as follows: (1) William Swift, born about 1619 and died 7 Jan 1704/05 at Sandwich, Massachusetts.  He would have been about 10 or 11 when his parents emmigrated to America.  About 1645 he was married at Sandwich to Ruth Tobey.  She was born about 1628 and died after 1705, both at Sandwich; (2) Hannah, born about 1620 and died 31 Jan 1664/65 at Sandwich.  On 5 Nov 1641 at Sandwich she was married to Daniel Wing; (3) Esther, born 1622 and died 1691.  In 1645 she married Ralph Allen[2]; (4) Edward, born about 1627.

The children of William Swift and Ruth Tobey (all born in Sandwich, Massachusetts) are listed as follows (1) Hannah, (1651-1721) married (1st) Ambrose Fish and (2nd) Thomas Tobey in about 1692; (2) William (1654-1701); (3) Ephraim (1656-1682) married Sarah Perry, daughter of Ezra Perry; (4) Mara (1659-1682)  married Shubel Smith; (5) Samuel (1662-1730); (6) Josiah (1663- ); (7) Jirah (1665-1749) was married 26 Nov 1697 at Sandwich (1st to Abigail Gibbs and (2nd) to Mary Besse; (8) Temperance (1666) married Timothy Bourne; (9) Hester Swift see below and (10) Dinah (1672-1688).

Hestor Swift (Esther, Ester), born about 1668 and died about 1737 at Plymouth, Massachusetts.  In about 1690 she married John Gibbs (Jr.), born on 28 Jul 1670 at Sandwich, Massachusetts and died before 16 Jun 1734 at Plymouth.  The lineage of Hestor Swift and John Gibbs (Jr.) is continued under the heading of Thomas Gibbs (1615-1693).

[1] According to some researchers, it is also possible that Joan was William’s second wife and not the mother of his children.

[2] This is apparently a different man from Ralph Allen (1615-1698) of Sandwich, my 10th g-grandfather, discussed under the heading of George Allen (1568-1648), who married Susannah [surname unknown].  The confusion of these two men is discussed there as well. During a short span of time, two Ralph Allens resided in Sandwich, and both of them became involved with the Quaker movement, along with other members of the Allen family.  Ralph, who was the son of George, is designated as Ralph Sr. in the records, and he was the second one to come to Sandwich.  Ralph, who was NOT the son of George, was residing in Sandwich first and had children born there named Jedediah, Experience and Ephraim.  Before the arrival of Ralph Sr. to Sandwich, he was just named Ralph Allen in the records, he and became Ralph Jr. after the arrival of the other Ralph to the town.


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