Endfield – Modern photos

Here are some recent photos of the home on the Waller “Endfield” property (1700 block of Walkerton Road, Walkerton, Virginia), taken by Amy Shook, 20 Jun 2014:



  • Linda Frances Waller Perry

    Really beautiful home! So nice to be able to see how the home was restored. Are the owners descendants? John Waller I was my 5X g-grandfather.I live in Knoxville, TN

    • I do not know anything about the current owners, but I have no reason to believe they are descendants. My sister took the photos on a visit to Virginia after I gave her instructions on how to locate the house. I was so glad to see the beautiful restoration. I think my sister made some attempt to contact the owners, who were not home at the time of her visit – left a note in their mailbox, on the door, or something to that effect, with information on how to make contact if they were interested. It would be interesting to learn what they know of the history of the property. As far as I know, they never connected, which is fine. We should definitely respect the privacy of the owners and their wishes to make contact or not.

  • Sara Mertz

    So beautiful. I am a 9th generation descendant of John Waller. I can’t believe the house is still standing. I would love to go and see it some day. Thank you to whoever is still living there now for keeping it in such good condition. It is so neat to look at it and think generations long past walked those halls and stood on that porch.

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