Youell #5842

Thomas Youell (1618-1655)

Born in England.  Arrived in Virginia in 1631 and

Ann Sturman (1618-1670)

Born in England.  Arrived in Virginia before 1636.

Youell #5842

Map of Jamestown, Virginia and the Chesapeake Bay

I have not been able to find much information on Thomas Youell beyond the basics:  He was born in 1618 in Northamptonshire, England and was brought to Virginia (probably as an indentured servant) by William Claiborne in 1631, at the age of thirteen years.  He subsequently accompanied Claiborne in 1634 on his expedition leading to the founding of the settlement on Kent Island, Maryland, which is the oldest English settlement within the present day state of Maryland and the third oldest permanent English settlement in the United States after Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts.  William Claiborne is our  11th g-grandfather and is discussed at length under his own heading.  In about 1636 on Kent Island, Thomas married Ann Sturman, born about 1618 in Haddenham, Buckinghamshire, England.  They returned to Virginia from Kent Island in 1640, following the loss of Claiborne’s cause in Maryland.

The son of Thomas Youell and Ann Sturman is Thomas Youell (1644-1695).

Thomas Youell (1644-1695) was “a supporter of the established authority” (i.e. Gov. Berkeley) at the time of Bacon’s Rebillion.  Also, the “Journal of the House of Burgesses” record’s Thomas Youell as a member of that body in 1685-86, 1688 and 1692-93, representing Westmoreland County, Virginia.[1]

The younger Thomas married Anne Lee (1654-1701), discussed under the heading of Richard Lee (1617-1664).

The daughter of Thomas Youell and Anne Lee is Penelope Ann Youell (1670-1703), born and died in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  Penelope Ann Youell married Patrick Spence.  Their lineage is continued under the heading of Patrick Spence (1658-1695).

[1] Yowell, Clark S.. Yowell: A Genealogical Collection. Somerville, New Jersey: Press of C.P. Hoagland Co., 1931.


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