Humphrey #5206

John Humphrey (1596-1661) Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts in 1634 or 1635 and returned to England in 1641 and Elizabeth Pelham (1604-1628) Born and died in England. The information I have obtained on John Humphrey (sometimes spelled Humfrey) is culled mainly from a volume by Frederick Humphreys, M.D. entitled The Humphreys Family in America (New York, published by the author) […]

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Anne (Hutchinson) Dyer

Royal and Noble Lines of Anne (Hutchinson) Dyer, born 1643   Anne (Hutchinson) Dyer (1643-1716) was the 7th g-grandmother of my father, Tor Martin Hylbom (1939-2009) and a grandaughter of the famous Anne (Marbury) Hutchinson (my 10th g-grandmother) who was banished from Boston for her active opposition to the Puritan clergy and ultimately was murdered in an Indian massacre. Anne (Hutchinson) […]

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Elizabeth West / Richard Saltonstall

In the process of tracing my ancestral path back to the early Kings of England, I collected enough information on Elizabeth West (1573-1633) and Herbert Pelham (1546-1620) to finish up my write-up on them.  After one generation, their line connects to the line of John Humphrey (1596-1651).  My “immigrant ancestor” is Elizabeth West, who arrived in Massachusetts with her second husband, Sir Richard Saltonstall (1586-1661) and their family aboard the Arbella in 1629.  Saltonstall is not my ancestor, but I included information about him, because he is a notable individual in the history of New England.  The illness of one of his daughters caused Sir Richard to return to England in 1631, along with his wife, Elizabeth, daughters, and two of his sons.  Elizabeth died in England in 1633 and never returned to America.  Strangely, we are descended from a daughter of Elizabeth through her previous marriage to Herbert Pelham (also named Elizabeth), who died in England in 1628 (at the age of only 24) before any of these events transpired.  Elizabeth Pelham’s daughter Anne (1625-1693) migrated with her father to Massachusetts in 1634 or 1635.  Her father apparently returned to England in 1641.   Whether Anne returned to England with her father in 1641 and subsequently returned to Massachusetts with her husband, John Myles, or whether John Humphrey left his daughter in New England in the care of others after he left is not known with certainty.  However, the available evidence suggests that she did not return to England and that Anne Humphrey and her husband John Myles must have met and married in New England.  John Myles was one of the founders of Swansea, Massachusetts and founder of the earliest recorded Baptist churches in Wales and Massachusetts, and you can read about him under his own heading.  It turns out that Sir Richard Saltonstall shares lines of descent with me back to Edward III, King of England, through three common paths: through Richard III’s son Lionel of Antwerp, and through his son John of Gaunt and through two of the children of Joan Beaufort Countess of Westmorland (1379-1440): Mary De Ferrers (1394-1425) and Eleanor Neville, Countess of Northumberland (1397-1472).  I’ll be posting more about all these connections soon.


Royal Ancestors

My English royal ancestry (Houses of Norman and Plantagenet) can be traced back to William I (“the Conqueror”), to whom I am related in multiple ways, including (possibly) through the line of one of Henry I’s many illegitimate daughters, Elizabeth (or Sibyll), who married Fergus of Galloway.  Through the most direct line of descent, William I is my 28th g-grandfather […]

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Rockefeller John D

John Davison Rockefeller (1839–1937), 7th cousin 4x removed John Davison Rockefeller was an American oil industrialist, investor, and philanthropist.  In 1870, he founded the Standard Oil Company and aggressively ran it until he officially retired in 1897.  The company dominated the oil industry and was the first great U.S. business trust.  Rockefeller revolutionized the petroleum industry and defined the structure […]

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Myles #2602

John Myles (1621-1683) Born in the Welsh-speaking part of Herefordshire, England.  Arrived in Massachusetts about 1663 and Anne Humphrey (1625-1695) Born in England.  Arrived in Massachusetts in 1634. John Myles, also known as John Miles, was the founder of Swansea, Massachusetts and founder and leader of the earliest recorded Baptist churches in Wales (UK) and Massachusetts (USA). John Myles was born […]

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Paternal Lo to Ne

Bernard Lombard (1608-1664) and Mary Clarke (1611-1683) – Lombard #2566 Thomas Lord (1585-1667) and Dorothy Bird (1588-1676) – Lord #5270 Richard Major (1601-1676) and Jane Iremonger (1604-1643) – Major #11392 Thomas Manchester (1620-1691) and Margaret Wood (1634-1693) – Manchester #5624 John Mason (1600-1672) and Anne  Peck (1619-1672) – Mason #2588 Sampson Mason (1625-1676) and Mary Butterworth (1629-1704) – Mason #2600 John Mayo (1598-1676) […]

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My name is Tor Hylbom, and I was born in Monterey, California[1] in 1963.  This is my website / blog dedicated to the subject of family history.  I have been fascinated by genealogy for many years, but it was only since some time in 2011 that I have been working in earnest on a family history project to (1) find out and […]

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Spinning #1800

Humphrey Spinning (1630-1689) Born in England. Arrived in Connecticut by 1639 and later settled in New Jersey and Abigail Hubbard (1640-1689) Born in Connecticut and later settled in New Jersey. Humphrey Spinning is also my 8th g-grandfather through his son Edward[1]. Not much is known of Humphrey Spinning and his wife Abigail Hubbard.  Most of information I have found comes from […]

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Dabney #3046

Cornelius Dabney #3046 is the same as Cornelius Dabney #3048. Cornelius Dabney (1631-1694) Born in England.  Arrived in Virginia between 1649 and 1664 and Susannah Swann (1643-1724) Probably born in Virginia. I am descended from Cornelius Dabney (1631-1694) in more ways than the path illustrated above[1]. At this time, it is not definitely known from whom Cornelius Dabney is descended.  Many claims have been made that […]

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Morris #1856

John Morris ( -1677) Born in Connecticut and subsequently settled at Newark, New Jersey and Elizabeth Harrison (1626-1669) Born in Connecticut and subsequently settled at Newark, New Jersey. I have only been able to trace the Morris line with confidence back as far as John Morris (died 1677).  I refer to his man as John Morris of Newark (New Jersey).  Some accounts […]

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Family Homes

601 Murdock Road, Baltimore, Maryland – home of Martin & Penelope Hylbom 120 Cresta Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado – home of Tor & Elizabeth Hylbom 17 Marland Road, Colorado Springs, Colorado – home of Roy Willard and Florence (Watkins) Walholm 1148 N. Cascade Avenue (formerly 1122 Wood Avenue), Colorado Springs, Colorado – home of Clarence and Seddie (Gunnell) Hamlin More […]

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